Your CC is missing UC.

Integrating unified communications with your contact center is a proven way to boost customer satisfaction.

As a smart business-owner, you’re always on the lookout for ways to empower your team and satisfy your customers. These are the two groups that keep a company going, and they are completely inseparable. When your agents do well, so do your clients. Do your agents have what they need to maximize client satisfaction? It’s time to give them what they need by using Unified Communications (UC) in your Call Center (CC).

We offer something called CC-One here at Veracity. It’s an interconnected omni-channel CC solution, powered by BroadSoft. The system is centrally managed and administered from the Cloud in order to improve your business’s operational efficiency and lower extra costs. Unlike many providers, we aren’t afraid to use the most complex tech in telecom. CC-One utilizes advanced routing options, analytics, speech-enabled IVR, call-back services, and conditional routing. Still a little foggy on the details? You can watch this short video to see how it works.

If you’re wondering if businesses really benefit from CC-One software, you don’t have to. Thanks to the experts at Aberdeen Research, we have quantifiable data regarding the effects that UC has on CC systems. The findings are clear—with the implementation of these communication tools, employee performance and customer satisfaction go up. As shown in this infographic, businesses with CC that incorporates UC are able to foster collaboration and create significant improvements in these areas: customer satisfaction, agent productivity, first contact resolution, and customer feedback. (So, pretty much everything.) For more info on Veracity Network’s CC-One fill out a form.

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