VCaaS Meet

The one-touch entry to conference calls for mobile workers.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply tap on an icon on your mobile phone to join conference calls? Without dialing a number or annoying passcode.

Welcome to VCaaS Meet

VCaaS Meet is a mobile app that gives you one-touch entry to conference calls from your mobile phone.

From its simple user interface, you can join meetings, view a snapshot of all your meetings, and send messages and emails to the meeting organizer – all with the touch of a button.

What can you do with VCaaS Meet?

One-touch calling into conference calls

Simply tap on the icon and it will automatically dial into the conference bridge.


Online view of your daily calendar

Automatically syncs with your calendar – corporate and personal.


Maintain your business identity

Uses your business phone number so that you maintain your professional identity during conferences.


Send a message to the room organizer

With a quick swipe and tap, you can send a message to the meeting organizer.


Send an email to meeting organizer and attendees

You can send an email directly to the meeting organizer or to the entire attendee list.

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