VoIP-Plans & Pricing

  • Basic Hosted

  • $9.99MO
  • Barge-in Exempt
    Basic Call Logs
    Call Waiting
    Calling Line ID Delivery Blocking
    Calling Name Delivery
    Calling Number Delivery
    Call ID
    Intercept User
    Voice Messaging-User
    Call Forwarding (CFA, CFB, CFNA, CFNR)
    Call Transfer
    Flash Call Hold
    Last Number Redial
    Three-Way Call


    Veracity UC Premium Features

    + $2.50/MO

    Instant Messaging
    Soft Phone
    Outlook Integration

  • Premium Hosted

  • $14.99MO
  • Includes All Basic Features Plus:
    Anonymous Call Rejection
    Automatic Callback
    Do Not Disturb
    Hoteling Guest
    Speed Dial 100
    Speed Dial 8
    Alternate Numbers
  • Platinum Hosted

  • $19.99MO
  • Includes All Premium Features Plus:
    Automatic Hold/Retrieve
    Busy Lamp Field (Edgewater)
    Call Forwarding Selective
    Call Notify
    Custom Ringback User
    Directed Call Pickup
    Directed Call Pickup with Barge-In
    Hoteling Host
    N-Way Call
    Push to Talk
    Selective Call Acceptance
    Selective Call Rejection
    Shared Call Appearance 35+
    BroadWorks Anywhere
    CommPilot Call Manager
    Outlook Integration
    Remote Office
    Sequential Ring
    Simultaneous Ring Personal
    Instant Call Group
    Call Park
    Call Pickup
    Group Paging
    Account/Authorization Codes
    Custom Ringback Group
    Music on Hold


    Veracity UC Platinum Features

    + $4.99/MO

    Instant Messaging
    Soft Phone
    Outlook Integration
    Desktop Share
    Document Share
    Mobile Client Calling (Mobile, VoIP, Call Through)
    Conference Calling

*30 simultaneous conference users for 20 licenses or less
60 simultaneous conference users for 21 licenses or more. Included with VCaaS license

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