Cloud Based Phone System Benefits

Cloud Based Phone System Benefits


Work phone, cellphone, laptop, and tablet all communicating across devicesBusiness communication is now more powerful than ever, but with that power comes complexity. Cloud-based phone systems provide you with the power you need to communicate without the complexity and cost of a premise-based phone system.





How Can Hosted Benefit Your Business?

Focus on Your Core Business:

  • To increase their level of competitiveness, businesses are focusing their resources on their core business
  • Hosted communications allows businesses to move the capital cost of a PBX off the balance sheet whilst providing significant added value to the business


Lower Your Costs:

  • With Hosted PBX you don’t need to buy servers or other expensive system hardware
  • Other than phones there is no capital to depreciate*

*Typically the 3 year TCO of a Hosted PBX is 30% lower than a premise-based solution.


Work Anywhere and Boost Business Productivity:

  • The days of configuring the box in the equipment room are over
  • Hosted allows user and administrative changes of the service from user-friendly portals
  • Users and features can be simply changed or updated with the click of a mouse and minimal training


Business Continuity Means Your Business is Never Down:The cloud based phone system working on a cell phone and tablet

  • What happens if a flood, fire or earthquake takes out your business premise?
  • With your phone service in the cloud you can start working from a different location straight away – another of the cloud based phone system benefits
  • The cloud based phone system is built on a highly resilient Telco architecture which will be unaffected by natural disasters at your location


Scale Up or Scale Down as Needed:

  • Businesses are constantly changing – adding new offices or growing out of old ones
  • Hosted provides the ultimate flexibility to change with the dynamics of your business
  • This flexibility lowers the cost of change for your telecom systems and gets you up and running sooner


Gain Productivity from Unified Communications:

  • Hosted provides unified communications features that increases staff productivity
  • Example features include voicemail to email, clients that turn your PC, Mac or Mobile phone into a business phone


Alleviates IT Worries with Automatic Updates:

  • With Hosted PBX your service provider takes care of updating the features so you don’t have to
  • There is no worry about technology obsolescence as you will always have access to the latest features from the cloud

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