Your telecom belongs in the Cloud.

Good news: communications technology is getting better all the time­­­­­. Bad news: the best and latest tech often comes with a higher price tag and some added complexity. Business owners across the world work hard to keep up with the changing telecom. Lucky for the modern workplace, there is one innovation in business telephony that is bringing companies into the 21st century, without the cost or confusion of premise-based phone systems. There is one simple way to keep up with the high-paced and often overlapping worlds of work and play. Now, there’s a place to safely correspond and collaborate with your team anytime, from anywhere. The answers are in the Cloud. It’s where the best brands deserve to be. It’s also where the modern office is moving to, so don’t get left behind.


Hosted PBX, at a glance.


Don’t be fooled by how easy it is to use—the Cloud has a lot going on. Every company with a telephone system or private branch exchange (PBX), has a lot to gain when they go hosted. You can read about the Cloud benefits in detail, but let’s do a quick rundown. First, a Cloud or Hosted PBX can be characterized by one thing: agility. Unified communication (UC) in the Cloud happens fast and it happens anywhere. Now your business can be completely mobile. In addition to speed, the Cloud offers lower costs and increased reliability. You only pay what you use and the network is immune to natural disasters. Another thing that businesses get when they switch? Options. Now you can really control, customize and scale your telecom. With so many reasons to go hosted, you might wonder why every business isn’t there yet (so do we).


Staying safe and up-to-date.


So, why don’t all companies take their PBX mobile? A possible reason for why some brands wait to migrate to cloud-based or cloud-hosted telecom is because they are concerned about security. Is the Cloud the safest place for all my precious data? Can a system that I access anywhere be secure enough for company secrets? The answer, with Veracity, is a confident “yes.” Our networks have the highest levels of resilience and virtual security. It’s the type of tech safety that few businesses could implement if they had to invest in their own cyber infrastructure. The Cloud is a safe and ever-improving place for your most crucial communications. Our Hosted PBX stays secure and your service provider takes care of updating features, so you don’t have to do anything. The Cloud is better every day, automatically.


How do I get my communications to the Cloud?


We love bringing a good business to the Cloud. The speed and power match the drive we see in small- and medium-sized business owners. We think it’s time for your telecom to match your brand.  Remember that not all hosted communications companies are created equal. At Veracity, a local specialist will work with you during every step of implementation. We are committed to making any device, at any location, an extension of your office. Breaking up with your old phone system seems difficult, but when the Cloud turns the whole world into your office—the choice is clear. The old-fashioned rules of a 9-to-5 don’t apply to you. The modern workplace is changing and things move pretty fast in the Cloud. Don’t worry. We’re here to help you keep up.

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