Set yourself up for seamless failover.

You don’t need multiple solutions for every problem in telecom. All you need is WAN.

A lot can go wrong with workplace telephony—and not just for you, the customer. Telecom is a two-way street. Understanding unified communication from both directions is a great way to ensure that you’re getting the best for your business. So today, we’re taking a look at things that inconvenience the UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) providers. What can happen on our end that hurts your internet performance?

Some brands don’t want you to know about all the possible service-delivery problems, but Veracity clients always get the full picture. According to the SD-WAN experts at VeloCloud, these are the most common struggles among today’s leading UCaaS providers:

  • They are unable to support the native broadband or circuit that a client already has, while still ensuring high-quality service.
  • Some providers report having lost customers because their systems do not support off-net deployment.
  • Companies are asking their UCaaS providers to deliver service over the Internet, but this is traditionally done via private circuit.
  • Providers are losing business because many people do not want to pay the additional fees for an MPLS circuit to their branch office.
  • When a network goes down and failover kicks in on the provider’s backup circuits, all of the ongoing calls get disconnected.
  • They are unable to deliver service using back-up broadband links from the client.

Now you know the six big problems. Luckily, there aren’t six corresponding answers—there’s just one: Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN. You get it when you get Veracity Communications as a Service (VCaaS). This is what the other guys are missing. Lots of providers can give you UCaaS, but there’s only one place to get VCaaS. It’s the complete fix for your business telecom: a single app that streamlines business communications, using today’s most reliable delivery-method.

Let’s look at the Cloud-delivered difference. Our SD-WAN is strong enough to support all of your team’s data and internet use. Don’t worry about connection failure or congestion, our system always switches to the fastest and most logical connectivity route. Your people stay online and on pace. Additionally, you get valuable analytics regarding your branch network, cloud, and regional/enterprise data centers. You’ll even save money because the Cloud eliminates the need for expensive MPLS voice and data services.

We hope that you can see why we’re not afraid to show you every angel at Veracity (we don’t have a bad one). Give your team the tools to match their value and maximize efficiency. It’s hard enough to come up with great ideas—it shouldn’t be hard to share them.

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