Migrate your traditional premise-based PBX to the cloud.

Traditionally, companies used an internal private branch exchange (PBX), which interconnected their phones to the public switched telephone network (PSTN). PSTN connects phones all over the world, enabling the making and receiving of calls.


Enter the cloud, not referring to the fluffy white things in the sky; instead, servers connecting PBXs to the Internet. Today’s IP PBX creates new opportunities that weren’t possible with traditional systems.

Veracity Delivers

Lowers Cost

IP PBX lowers your capital expenditures and operational costs over time

Simple Management

IP PBX is user friendly, making moves, adds and changes efficient


IP PBX allows users to seamlessly move and reconnect phones at different locations


IP PBX integrates SIP Trunking reducing phone bills, including long distance and international calls

Increased Productivity

IP PBX enables listening to voice messages and viewing faxes through email, increasing productivity


Call Routing

Call Hold

Call Recording


Caller ID

Last Number Redial

Call Forwarding

Intercept User

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