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Wireless internet service is basically required in this day and age for anyone who doesn’t have access to cable internet, but what is it exactly, and how can you know if it’s available in your rural residential area? Veracity Networks has your answers.
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What Is Wireless Internet Service?

Wireless internet service uses radio signals from dedicated, fixed locations to provide fast internet without requiring access to cables and wires. It allows users to connect anywhere, and doesn’t skimp on speed or quality.

Other pros of going wireless include:

  • Simple implementation and management
  • No data caps or limitations on access
  • Lower latency (lag) compared to satellite internet
  • Coverage in rural areas
  • Usually faster than DSL internet connections
  • Bandwidth is flexible and fluctuates based on need
  • Secured with address encryption, data privacy, and authentication

There are a couple of drawbacks, which include needing a line of sight between the transmitter and the receiver, and bad weather can disrupt the signal. Additionally, the cost tends to be higher than other forms of broadband internet service.

How Does Wireless Internet Service Work?

Wireless internet service (sometimes called fixed wireless internet) works by transmitting radio waves from a cell tower to your internet connection via an antenna affixed to the exterior of your home. The radio signals are then carried via a cable to the router inside your home.

Is Wireless Internet Service Available in Your Area?

Think you’re stuck with slow, unreliable internet? Think again. Whether you live in a rural community or anywhere else where cables are not installed, wireless internet service is the answer you need for enjoying quality connection no matter where you’re located.

Find out if wireless internet service from Veracity Networks is available in your area!

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