Modern CC isn’t complete without UC.

Keep your company up-to-date. Take unified communication to the contact center. 

Is your business contact center (CC) part of the 63% that hasn’t yet integrated unified communications (UC) capabilities? Don’t be one of the last brands to upgrade. Today, we’re talking about what you miss when you don’t have UC and why that matters in the modern workforce.

To begin, let’s establish how UC fits into a company contact center. As telecom technology has advanced, the release of multichannel CC applications has increased dramatically. This excess of mismatching CC solutions makes it more difficult and more expensive for you and your team to manage and unify work-related correspondence. Smart business owners need a streamlined alternative—they need BroadSoft CC-One. This is a unified omni-channel contact center experience that works across all major communication channels. At Veracity, we offer CC-One integration because it’s the best way to keep client interactions and data in one place.

When cluttered telecom isn’t slowing you down, great work starts to happen. Begin looking forward to improved customer communication, a more productive work environment, automatic updates and a unified user experience. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Check out the helpful figure in this article to see the big difference that UC makes. In a survey by Aberdeen Group, companies reported significant benefits from bringing UC to their CC: agents felt more enabled to create and complete tasks through their desktop, the application retained customer contact data while transferring between agents, it provided real time decision-making guidance through the desktop, and system updates became easier.

In addition to better client-customer relationships, integrating UC capabilities means a more communicative and unified workforce. Virtual teams and mobile employees don’t have to struggle anymore, and neither does your business. The people in your contact center are now able to converse and collaborate—no matter where they are or what floor they’re on. Get your business talking. Connect the sales department, marketing and back office through phone, chat, video, web conferencing and more.

If you like to keep everything you need in once place, your CC needs UC. Now you know what it takes to maximize results and minimize stress in regards to workplace communication and collaboration. Wondering what these benefits would look like on your brand? Get a free business analysis today.

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