It’s better when you bundle.

SD-WAN with VCaaS. Your telecom with Veracity. Some combinations just make sense.

At Veracity, we know that every business is unique. That’s why we offer customized service packages. Our varied telecom solutions integrate different products and capabilities to fit the specific needs of each client. Still—some upgrades are good enough to benefit all kinds of companies. We’re talking about VCaaS with SD-WAN. This duo is a two-in-one that makes sense for everyone. 

Before we talk power couples, let’s take a look at things separately. Veracity’s SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Networking) with VeloCloud was designed for growing businesses. Partnered with a global SD-WAN market leader, it’s a secure, economical, high-performance alternative to outdated MPLS voice and data services. Now, we’ll get to know VCaaS (Veracity Communications as a Service) and the VCaaS App. These telecom offerings are powered by BroadSoft and made with all the features that a traditional phone system is missing. VCaaS comes with instant messaging, video conferencing, voicemail-to-email transfer and more.

SD-WAN and VCaaS are great on their own, but what happens when you put them together? Many service providers do not offer these products in a bundle—leaving their customers to wonder “what if.” With Veracity, you don’t have to wonder. We can build these complimentary technologies around your business concurrently, therefore optimizing your network “for both speed and stability.”

Sounds great—so how does it work? It’s time to learn the details of this partnership. SD-WAN strengthens VCaaS by prioritizing high-bandwidth connections for important calls and applications. This prevents jitter, dropped calls and other common network problems. With SD-WAN assisting, boosting security, detecting failures, and routing faster than traditional IP, VCaaS can truly shine. When it’s able to operate under the bandwidth it deserves, VCaaS communicator will be your team’s favorite app; it enables employees to connect, share and work the way they want to.

You can tell by the way we do business that we believe in teamwork. We’re empowered by our partnerships with BroadSoft, VeloCloud and Edgewater Networks. VCaaS is empowered by SD-WAN. See how your business can be empowered. Call or contact Veracity Networks today.

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