Wolverine Crossing is a multi-dwelling unit in Orem, Utah that houses more than one thousandUtah Valley University and Brigham Young University students. Wolverine Crossing offers ahigh standard of living for those seeking a high standard of education. Along with high-speedInternet access and cable television, residents enjoy amenities such as a newly renovatedfitness center, a basketball court, a sand volleyball court, two swimming pools and Jacuzzis.Wolverine Crossing’s management strives to maintain its elite student housing reputation whilemeeting the needs of its tenants.

The Challenge

Wolverine Crossing relied on the same third-party telecom provider for eight years. However,as tenants’ computer programs and cable channel technology evolved, it became clear thatthe current provider was no longer able to sustain the network speed for tenants’ everyday useand common schedules. Wolverine Crossing’s management staff searched for a local telecomoption to handle its tenants’ long-term needs.

Local Solution

“We realized we were spending tons of money on our third-party provider to only solve theproblem temporarily,” said Tiffany Peck, General Manager at Wolverine Crossing. “Our tenantswere angry, and we even had some students move out because the services were unreliable.With Veracity Networks’ local appeal and network reputation, we asked for their bid to help usmeet our tenants’ Internet and cable needs. Veracity was by far the best option, and we werevery excited to have them as our new provider.”
Wolverine Crossing selected Veracity Networks not only because of the infrastructure alreadyin place at the complex, but because of the drastic decrease in price Veracity offered overthe previous provider. With an estimated savings of 40 percent, Veracity improved WolverineCrossing’s bottom line and increased Internet speeds to 100Mbps on the property. 100Mbps isthe fastest Internet speed available to residential properties with a true fiber-optic connection;most local telecom providers are limited to 20Mbps. Veracity’s Internet speed gave residents thebandwidth to perform tasks such as downloading an entire HD movie in less than five minutesand streaming videos with virtually no buffer time. Managers immediately noticed that less timewas spent handling angry tenants and sending repair requests, leading to further reduced costsand increased employee efficiency.

World-Class Results

“Veracity has made all the difference. I can’t even explain the amount of relief I have in knowingthat Veracity is taking care of our tenants,” said Peck. “The Internet complaints that I used toreceive numerous times daily have completely disappeared. If we ever do have a problem, I caneasily contact Veracity’s customer service, and a tech will be sent. The process is super easy.Internet is one of those things you don’t want worry about, and Veracity made that possible.”
Keith Long, Director of Operations for UCH Management Group, has managed WolverineCrossing for over three years. “Our transition to Veracity has allowed Wolverine Crossing to make significant improvements to our telecom features. Internet and cable should be easilyaccessible at our property, just like water from a faucet. Veracity’s reliable services haveallowed us to attract and maintain residents because we are able to market the fact that thatwe have the fastest Internet in Orem and the country. Veracity is truly on par with other nationaltelecom providers I have worked with.”


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