For two decades, Basic Research has created and distributed innovative formulations that address the specific needs of its national and international consumers. From weight loss to bodybuilding, join thealth to cosmetics, its products are commonly found at Wal-Mart, Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue,Macy’s, Sephora, Walgreens and more than 40,000 individual retail outlets worldwide. Basic Research distributes some of the best-selling, most sought-after formulations on the market today.

The Challenge

Basic Research is one of Veracity Networks’ earliest customers, relying on its telecom support for 20years. Basic Research depends on Veracity as its primary telecommunications provider for long-distancephone services, Internet infrastructure and network support. Although it has a long telecom relationshipwith Veracity Networks, Basic Research wanted to make sure it’s network was on the leading edge oftechnology to avoid the need to change primary providers.

Local Solution

Basic Research chose Veracity Networks as its primary telecommunications provider for itsunprecedented customer service and technology, which set it widely apart from other local and nationalalternatives. From the beginning, Veracity Networks proved that it had the ability to grow with BasicResearch, due to its locally based customer service representatives and their dedication to meetingevery need of the growing organization.
In 2012, Basic Research converted from T1 to 3 SIP Trunking, and Veracity was instrumental in makingthe migration possible. The updated technology, available through Veracity, allowed Basic Research tobetter reach its national and international customer base through more than 2,000 1-800 numbers at asignificantly decreased cost.

World-Class Results

This Veracity-led installment brought significant cost savings to Basic Research as it reduced recurringtelecommunications pricing and helped strengthen the overall confidence in its primary telecomprovider.
“Basic Research has stayed with Veracity for more than 20 years because it has not only been ableto grow with our business, it has also been instrumental in getting things done more quickly andefficiently,” said Rick Basset, IT Administrator of Basic Research. “For being a local-owned provider,we get Tier 1 results that we struggle to get from its larger nationally known competitors. We havebeen extremely happy with Veracity’s leading infrastructure and attentive customer service that hasamounted to our lasting loyalty and ongoing dedication.”


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