Aspen Ridge Management provides and manages residential solutions for single students andfamilies through individual units, homes and large apartment complexes in Utah Valley. Sinceits launch in 1997, Aspen Ridge Management has grown to include nearly 500 properties in theProvo and Orem areas with 1,400 current residents.

The Challenge

Aspen Ridge Management group saw value in receiving the local attention and accessibility thatVeracity Network offered. It made the decision to transition from a disjointed telecom offering toone that could unify its services. A satisfied client of Veracity Networks’ Internet services, AspenRidge owners Hilary and Nelson Davis elected to combine their telecommunications strategy byadding Veracity telephone hosting services.

Local Solution

A testament to its customer service, Veracity Networks matched the same phone package andpricing as Aspen’s previous provider. However, the difference lay in the local response time,with Aspen Ridge Management’s team quickly noticing Veracity’s immediate reaction to theirtechnical questions and telephone needs. This timely attention and maintenance was vital asmost of Aspen’s residents contact the management company by phone, rather than Internet.

World-Class Results

“Staying connected to our current residents and any potential customer is vital to the flow ofour overall organization,” said Hilary Davis, owner of Aspen Ridge Management. “We receiveon average 150 calls a day, plus emails through our website and online portal, about urgenthousing issues or questions on housing availability. The more lines of communication we haveavailable the better, and Veracity Networks makes this happen.”


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