Veracity Networks is a, facilities-based telecommunications provider servicing commercial customers and residential customers on our next generation network. Our customers range from residential customers with a single line to some of the largest private employers. We have carved out a niche for customers looking for a proactive telecommunications company that understands their needs and works hard to provide them the most cost effective solutions at the most competitive rates.

As one of the nations fastest growing telecommunications providers, Veracity Networks provides its clients with a full range of technology services. The company takes pride in providing next generation, proven technology at a reasonable price to all of its clients, whether they are individuals, small businesses, large corporations, or multinational institutions. Veracity Networks sets the industry standards in network stability and customer support.

How We Chose Our Name?

“Veracity” stands for integrity and truth, which is what we strive for every day. Many of our competitors have poor outsourced support and send out complicated bills with hidden fees and charges. This makes it very hard for businesses to get the support they need and to know what they are really paying for their services. Veracity knew it was important to create a skilled, local Utah support team, with the tools and training to quickly answer their questions and solve their problems. Veracity also knew it was necessary to implement products that are more reliable than their competitors, use bills for those services that were easy to understand with no hidden fees or charges. From this vision Veracity Communications was formed.

How Did Veracity Get It's Start?

Veracity Communications began in 1987 as Off Campus Telecommunications and was the first alternative local dial tone provider in Utah, providing local dial tone and long distance to off campus student housing at Brigham Young University, Utah State University, Utah Valley State College, and Southern Utah University. As the internet grew in the mid 90's, the founders recognized the need to integrate an ISP service for their customer and thus implemented one of the first wireless networks in Provo to connect the off campus housing complexes to the internet. In 2002 the original partners of Off Campus Communications brought in a third partner, to form a company that delivered services to small business in Utah County utilizing the network that was deployed for the off campus housing complexes. The original partners recognized how poorly these small customers were getting service and wanted to roll out a service and product that would make it easy for customer to do business with a telecom provider.

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