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Try Veracity’s hosted phones for free and transform the way your company runs.

You need a phone service that takes care of itself. Spend less time calling IT and more time growing your business.

Hosted PBX achieves the ultimate workplace goal: boosting productivity.

Keep up with the Cloud.

In today’s world of startups, companies are constantly changing in size. Customize your hosted communication system and keep your business up to date, no matter where you are.

Create a cooperative workplace.

With our tech advances, Hosted PBX brings all your communications to one place. Manage all devices, office locations, and phone numbers, anywhere with wi-fi. With the latest and fastest features, Hosted streamlines your communication and collaboration.

Be worry-free with Veracity.

We know that good communication doesn’t happen in isolation. BroadSoft created a hub application to bring all your communications and business apps together. Nobody gets left out. Your files, notes and work content are there, too. Welcome to the party.

Convert to Hosted Phones with our free 3 month trial.

Modern businesses thrive with Hosted PBX. Contact the Veracity team and help your company run faster and smoother.

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