Ditch the tug-o-war between internet and telephone.

We offer greater bandwidth at a lower cost. Now everybody wins.

By now, you know that SD-WAN is a great way to upgrade a growing business and consolidate your telecom. When you make the switch, your office can run video and voice traffic over the same wide area network. The new question is this: will there be enough bandwidth? You’re probably wondering how an inexpensive network plan can handle so much information passing through it. Let’s talk about the SD-WAN response to this influx of varied data. How does it maintain superior speed and sound quality? How could you tell if there was a problem?

There are so many cogs and gears when it comes to internet performance and voice quality in this age of Advanced Communications. If something goes wrong, it could be any number of things: “LANs, WANs, endpoints, Wi-Fi, QoS features, compression, encryption, packet loss, delays…” The list goes on and on. Well, before you start troubleshooting every little thing, we’ll clue you in. There’s an SD-WAN shortcut, just for checking voice quality and network status. What a relief, right?

The answer is Voice Quality Monitoring (VQM). It’s one of the countless premium features you can enable in the Velocloud Edge devices (VCE) that we use. Don’t worry, VQM isn’t just another piece of hardware, and there’s no messy installation. All it takes is a single click in the VeloCloud application and monitoring is enabled. You can turn on VQM for a customized selection of websites or every site. When it’s on, you’ll watch the analytics come in on a collector app within your dashboard. Giving you a front-row seat to all the details of your network quality fits perfectly within our Platinum Service Standard.

If all of this info feels a bit fuzzy or these new acronyms are getting jumbled, our friends at VeloCloud have you covered. Watch this informative webinar on How to Integrate Voice Quality Monitoring into SD-WAN. Get a tour of VQM on SD-WAN from their Senior Product Manager. The ins and outs of VQM in a VeloCloud Cloud-Delivered network are definitely worth your time. The payoff is crystal-clear telecom. We don’t think you should choose between low costs and premium features.

You don’t want to compromise on voice. We hear you—loud and clear.

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