Provo School District

Provo School District looks to Veracity Networks to provide one-gigabit network to teachers and students.


Provo School District serves 13,000 students across 18 schools, which consists of three high schools, two middle schools and 13 elementary schools.


The Challenge

In the beginning of 2011, Provo City School District asked Veracity Networks to upgrade networking speeds. Ted Kelly, Director of Special Education and Technology for the Provo School District, approached Veracity to see how much the provider could boost their current system. In only one week, Veracity increased the district’s bandwidth substantially to a one-gigabit network which opened a telecommunications highway to staff, teachers and students.


Local Solution

“The partnership Provo School District has with Veracity is critical to our mission of meeting the learning needs of our students and to introducing them to the digital arena,” said Kelly. “As we grow in our use of technology, the speed by which we can access information becomes a very important factor. Veracity is the partner that provides us the bandwidth that meets this growing demand.”Kelly also expressed his excitement that his schools have become fully wireless and now have the ability to upload and download information faster than ever before.


World-Class Results

Veracity’s Internet speeds assisted the district’s introduction of iPads in the classrooms, allowing students to take giant steps in their learning skills and opportunities. The iProvo fiber-optic network that was already in place contributed to an easy telecom transition for Provo School District.Mayor John Curtis was quoted in the Daily Herald discussing the benefits of Provo’s citywide fiber-optic network. “We’re fortunate that the network is in the hands of a local business that understands the value of investing in the community. We’re pleased with how Veracity is partnering with the school district to enhance the learning of our children,” said Curtis.


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