Virtual Call Center Solution

Problem: Integrating all the elements of a call center operation, and configuring the process flow is expensive and time consuming. Many call centers don’t utilize advanced routing options, speech-enabled IVR, call-back services, and conditional routing because they are too complex or expensive to deploy.


Solution: With Veracity’s Virtual Call Center, you get a rich set of PBX features, ACD functionality, web-based clients, sophisticated reporting, call recording, plus advanced services like call analytics, speech-enabled IVR, call backs, and surveys, all available via a hosted service, so you pay for what you need, when you need it.


PBX Features

Call Recording

Speech IVR

Problem: Deploying and operating an on-premise platform means purchasing SW, HW, and trunks, plus paying to deploy the system, maintain the system, and upgrade the system every few years. That adds up to a lot of money.


Solution: With Veracity’s Virtual Call Center, you pay a fixed monthly fee per user. This allows your business to be scalable by adding or removing users as needed. An administrator portal enables you to make company-wide and user-specific changes without contacting your service provider. These benefits make managing your hosted system simple and less time consuming.



Save Money

User Portal

Problem: Your call center is out of commission if calls can’t reach the physical site. Plus, a premise-based ACD platform is ‘enterprise-grade’ and subject to downtime.


Solution: Veracity’s Virtual Call Center solution runs in our data centers, using carrier-grade equipment and fully redundant, geographically separated servers. So your operation is never out of commission. Even if the site is not reachable due to cut cable, we can immediately route calls to an alternate site or to an agent’s mobile phone.



Disaster Recovery

Off-Site Data Centers

Contact Center

Call Centers face the ongoing challenge of improving customer satisfaction and lowering costs. While premise equipment vendors can offer a broad set of ACD functionality, they come at a very high price, require expensive integration and administration investments, and quickly become obsolete as customer contact methods evolve. Veracity’s Virtual Call Center addresses these challenges. We offer a cloud-based solution that is feature-rich, and future-proof at a price you can afford. We deliver sophisticated ACD functionality and advanced, speech-enabled IVR services, from a secure network that can be operational in a matter of days or weeks. There is no HW or SW to buy, and no maintenance contracts or upgrade cycles to ever worry about.


Small Business without an actual “Call Center”:

Callers never get a busy signal. Queue calls when employees are busy. Enhanced Hunt Group – employees can set availability, get reports on traffic patterns, and groups can span sites.


Enterprise with Multiple Sites:

Queue calls for front office employees or building receptionists. Receptionists at other sites can monitor and answer calls for a busy colleague.


Call Centers:

Dramatic reduction is costs. No CapEx. Lower OpEx (calls queued in network). No integration or configuration expenses. Disaster recovery, since calls can always be delivered somewhere, even if the primary site is not reachable. More efficient operation, since employees can be located anywhere or spread across multiple sites.

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