Fiber-Optic Network

Speed is King!

Veracity has decades of experience building and operating tier 1 fiber-optic networks. Fiber-optic internet runs at the speed of light. It is the fastest transport medium available, allowing up to 10 Gbps per second transport speeds. Imagine what your business could do with a full GIG of dedicated internet.



With speed options from 10 Mbps to 100 Gbps, companies can incrementally increase their capacity as demand for bandwidth grows without costly network expansions or installations. It’s the perfect solution for businesses needing a fast, reliable connection.


Safety and Environmental Advantages

No electrical signals are passed through fiber – which means there is no fire hazard. The degradation of copper wires results in a need for high-voltage electrical transmitters. Fiber uses lower-power transmitters which save electricity and money for both Veracity and its customers. An additional benefit is that optical-fibers are thinner and weigh less than copper wires so they take up less space in the ground.

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