Is your business ready for a telecom upgrade?

Researching your new phone system before it’s implemented makes a big difference.

Buying the right telecom is going to affect your business for the next five to 10 years, so it’s important to do your homework. Find the best phone system for you. Don’t worry—there are no wrong answers in this questionnaire. Today we’re talking about your needs. There is so much to think about when getting new communications technology, all the way from Hosted unified communications (UC) to Mobile private branch exchange (PBX). We took the time to narrow that thinking process down to nine important factors. We hope you’ll take the time to answer these questions, according to your team’s unique requisites.

First and foremost, let’s talk cost. This is more than a simple matter of “how much.” You have to learn about bundles, the exit costs of some providers, contracts, rental options, and more. If you’d like to have an idea of how expensive a new phone system would be for your business, you should try a free telecom bill analysis. With Veracity, it may be more affordable than you expect.

The next thing to consider: flexibility. Think about your team. Is it growing? Are your offices moving? How many devices do you need on your employee network? If you plan on taking your people to the Cloud, we can make sure that every transition is smooth.

You know Veracity has Hosted and Mobile PBX and UC solutions that are affordable and flexible, but are they reliable? Big savings and cool features don’t mean a thing if your communications go down in an emergency. It’s vital to decide the level of security and disaster resistance you want in your telecom.

Now that we’ve discussed resilience, it’s time to cover consistency. This is where you ask a provider if all the same features are available to remote workers. See if they can ensure consistently high call quality. (We can.)

By now you might be thinking, “an advanced phone system sounds cool, but will my team be able to work it?” That’s where the crucial matter of usability comes into play. Some providers use multiples apps across multiple devices. We think that your whole team should be able to collaborate on one application, from any trusted device.

We know that all good phone systems are user friendly, but the best ones for business telecom have to be more than just “easy to use”—they need professionalism. A good system supports business apps like auto attendant, music on hold and call queuing (to name a few).

We hope that going Hosted with your company communications is sounding pretty good already, but let’s go over productivity. What kind of features make new UC worthwhile? We’ve got a whole list of ways to increase productivity with UC. Your business has a lot to gain by going modern with your telecom.

So, does a new system mean all new devices? Not necessarily. This is a common concern we see when businesses want a phone system upgrade. We want you to keep your smartphone. We believe in mobility. Your new system should support Android, iOs and all the workplace productivity features when you go mobile.

The last thing to think about is upkeep. Maintenance is a crucial part of telecom and it’s often overlooked by customers and providers. Don’t dive into an all-new system before learning a provider’s training and repair policy. We take pride in ours. Watch this Veracity Networks video to understand our focus on responsiveness and reliability.

Since a great phone system leads to hiring fewer workers, winning more contracts, worrying less about disasters and saving money—an upgrade seems like the obvious choice. Make sure you take these nine factors into account when you make the switch, and you’re sure to get what your business deserves.

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