There aren’t a lot of easy decisions in business, but it’s never been easier to take telecom to the Cloud. All of the top telco analysts agree: migrating to cloud communications should be one of your company’s main goals in 2018. You might be thinking, “my business phone system is already working,” but what if it was working harder? Compared to Veracity’s Unified Communications as a Service (VCaaS), your old private branch exchange (PBX) starts
With an omni-channel contact center and enterprise-level unification, this app has everything. Putting all your contacts and communication software into one application means a lot more than extra desktop space. When you make the switch to CC-One, you make the switch to better business—faster, more secure, and highly-streamlined business. Sounds great. So, what does Veracity’s Unified Communication (UC) really look like? UC is what happens when you get the bells and the whistles; it’s the

Strong brands have strong priorities.

Posted by kirah on February 6, 2018
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Use SD-WAN to separate the network traffic you want from the static. Can you remember what your online experience was like ten years ago? What about five years ago? All of your favorite websites and applications looked a lot different—some of them didn’t even exist. Hardware took up more space, downloads took more time, and everything was less secure. Fast forward to today. Devices are smaller, files are bigger, and networks can securely accommodate huge
It’s the best thing that’s happened to collaboration since the flip chart. Your business works best when your employees work together—so, how do you foster a collaborative professional environment? Seminars and team-building exercises can be great, but we prefer something with more tech and no small talk. That’s why we offer one application that turns everyone into a team player. VCaaS Team-One is a unified collaboration tool, designed to make your business move faster and
Just because it isn’t broken, doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed. We’re guessing that your current phone system is functional, but not futuristic. You might think that the old-fashioned IT is just fine—but once you see what modern telecom is capable of, you’ll never look back. Good brands deserve the Unified Communications (UC) to match. This is why more and more companies are taking their communications to the Cloud. Veracity’s Unified Communications as a Service