The best way to communicate just got better.

The best way to communicate just got better.

Meet BroadSoft Business 2.0—it’s the calling, messaging and meeting experience you deserve.

 By now, you know that better communication means better business. An advanced telecom system has to have increased mobility, high-quality sound and speed. It also needs to be constantly reliable. BroadSoft Business 2.0 was designed with all of these necessities in mind. Today, we’re talking about all the powerful features that come with this freshly updated and inexpensive technology.

We’re about getting you more than you pay for here at Veracity, so we like that BroadSoft Business comes with more than one thing. It comes with a fully integrated portfolio of enterprise-level cloud Public Branch Exchange (PBX), unified communications (UC), team collaboration and contact center (CC) applications. Each of these services were created to make your work life easier. These tools are the most effective way for you and your team to stay connected and productive—in and out of the office. Now you can get things done from any device, in any location.

Sounds great, huh? Let’s get into the specifics. BroadSoft Business 2.0 comes with features that are simple, global, flexible, integrated, proven and mobile.

The simplicity comes from BroadSoft’s ability to act as a single vendor—this lowers the cost and complexity of managing all PBX, collaboration and CC services.

The new features are global because UC-One connects all your employees and their devices, no matter where they are. Travel, stay home, scale up and scale down when you need to.

This is where flexibility comes in. We think you should only pay for what you use, so pick only the services you need for your unique business.

Next up: integration. BroadSoft doesn’t live in a box. You’ll find all the familiar apps and services here, including Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, Dropbox, Twitter and more.

We do business this way because it’s tried and true—you can even check the numbers. BroadSoft Business is the system that over 80% of telecom providers choose and it offers 99.999% uptime.

Finally, let’s check in on mobility. BroadSoft Business is the most mobile-friendly because you can access all of your services from any device. Your office number can come with you and your team will never be left in the dark.

These features are the reason BroadSoft Business 2.0 is right for your growing company. They are also the reason that 25 out of the world’s top 30 service providers—including Veracity—have chosen the BroadSoft platform to deliver secure and reliable cloud services across the globe. If you want to learn even more, you can download this e-book.

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