Veracity Networks’ Cloud Communications

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Simplify Communication Management


Eliminate costly on-premise phone systems! Easily manage all devices, phone numbers, and office locations.

Collaborate Everywhere on Any Device*.


Enable BYOD for all your business communications and provide flexibility and freedom for your increasing mobile workforce with the VCaaS mobile app.

Increase business productivity


Boost employee productivity and IT efficiency, enabling the shift of resources to more strategic initiatives

What We Stand For

From the beginning, Veracity made it a point to not have any hidden fees or use deceptive marketing to attract customers. Veracity Networks has redefined the telecommunications industry while establishing superior customer service for one of the country’s fastest fiber-optic networks. The word veracity is defined as “devotion to the truth.” Veracity Networks chose its company name with this definition in mind, and with an ideal of differentiating itself from its telecommunications competitors that had a history of failing to live up to customer expectations.

Platinum Service Standard

At Veracity Networks, we continue to improve how we take care of customers. One of the many benefits is our 1-1-3 process, where we initiate quality assurance and satisfaction calls to a new customer at the 1-week, 1-month, and 3-month marks. As a Veracity customer we guarantee you’ll have a great experience with us from the time that you sign up through the time that you’re a regular user of our services. Read More